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Student Resources

What was life like in a Pueblo village 800 years ago? How do American Indians today view their history and culture? What is it like to be an archaeologist?

Student resources.

At Crow Canyon, we use the results of our archaeological research and our partnerships with American Indians to better understand the history and culture of the Pueblo people who lived in the Mesa Verde region so long ago.

This is your opportunity to explore the ancient past, ask a question of a real archaeologist, and get to know living descendants of the ancestral Pueblo people.

Pueblo Indian History for Kids

Want to learn all about the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest? This colorfully illustrated history, just for young students, tells the story of how Pueblo culture developed from ancient times to the present day.

Peoples of the Mesa Verde Region

Intended for older students, this illustrated chronology summarizes more than 10,000 years of American Indian history and 250 years of European-American history in the Mesa Verde region. Includes maps, drawings, and historic photographs.

Visit With Respect

In this 9½-minute video, Pueblo people describe how they feel about archaeological sites and explain why it's important for people to treat all sites with respect. Includes interviews with Pueblo people of all ages, filmed at ancient sites in the Four Corners area.

Archaeologists On-Line

Got questions but no answers? E-mail us with your questions about archaeology, archaeologists, and Pueblo Indian history, and our experts will get back to you with the information you need.

Castle Rock Pueblo: A Trip Through Time

Travel back in time to Castle Rock Pueblo, a large village inhabited in the thirteenth century. “Visit” the site during three different time periods—the 1200s, 1800s, and 1900s—and imagine what it was like to be an ancestral Pueblo Indian, a U.S. government explorer, and a Crow Canyon archaeologist. For teachers: Study Guides and Lesson Plans

Woods Canyon Pueblo: Life on the Edge

Why did Pueblo Indians build their village on the edge of a steep cliff? Find out what archaeologists think, and meet some Pueblo descendants with their own ideas. Then decide for yourself! For teachers: Study Guides and Lesson Plans

Student Reading List

Want to learn more? Check out this list of books about the archaeology of the Southwest.