Board of Trustees

Elizabeth M. Alexander, Secretary

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Richard G. Ballantine

Albert G. Boyce, Jr.

Quincalee Brown

Frank Cicero, Jr.

Leslie F. Cohen

Deedee Decker

Raymond T. Duncan,* Chair Emeritus and Life Trustee

David Fraley

Joan Goldstein

C. Paul Johnson,* Chair Emeritus and Life Trustee

Emily H. King

Charles R. Larimore

Ricky R. Lightfoot

William D. Lipe

Leslie M. Masson

W. Bruce Milne, Chair

Constance J. Moramarco

Elizabeth Perry

Pamela M. Powell

Nancy Clark Reynolds, Chair Emerita

Roberta H. Rubin

Barbara L. Schwietert, Vice Chair

Carole B. Segal

Elizabeth R. Shafer

Nancy Stevens

Stuart Struever, Chair Emeritus and Life Trustee

Joseph H. Suina

Margaret M. Zemach




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Board of Trustees members: Click the button below to logon to My Crow Canyon to reach the Board Resources page.

We will be establishing a more user-friendly log-on process soon—until then, you must have an active My Crow Canyon account to access the page.

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