Visualize the Past


"Photogrammetry models will enable researchers to study ancient construction techniques at the Haynie site (accurate within 2 cm) long after our project concludes.”
Dr. Susan Ryan, Crow Canyon director of archaeology

Archaeologists are now using technological innovations such as photogrammetry (using digital photography for mapping) and 3-D modeling to visualize the past. At Crow Canyon, we now have the ability to create representations such as:

  • high-quality topographic models
  • astonishingly minute 3-D images of sites and artifacts
  • images of the original condition of sites and unseen landscape features
  • virtual site tours for campus, online, and distance-learning students of all ages

For the upcoming Northern Chaco Outliers Project (the Haynie site), Crow Canyon archaeologists are working with research associates and contractors to produce 3-D models of the site from photos taken from a drone, a pole, and at ground level.

Using drone images, staff and associates with the Research Institute at Crow Canyon are helping answer questions about options and risks Pueblo people faced during times of drought.

Through photogrammetric mapping and 3-D modeling, archaeologists can build a framework of knowledge we couldn’t have imagined just twenty years ago. With your help, we can revolutionize the way we do archaeological research at Crow Canyon!


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