The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center initiates and conducts public archaeological research and education programs in the American Southwest and beyond. The Center conducts its multidisciplinary programs in partnership with Native Americans and institutions with mutual interests.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center's programs, admission practices, scholarships, fellowships, and internships are available to applicants of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.


REMINDER: Archaeological resources are protected by federal laws, and archaeological research is guided by a set of professional ethics. See Archaeological Ethics and Law.

Members of the Board
Nancy Clark Reynolds (Chair)
Sue Anschutz-Rodgers (Vice-Chair)
Ricky R. Lightfoot (President and CEO)
Raymond T. Duncan (Chair Emeritus)
Betsy M. Alexander
Richard G. Ballantine
Albert G. Boyce, Jr.
Gene M. Bradley
Peggy V. Fossett
Robert D. Greenlee
C. Paul Johnson
Tom P. Lanagan
William D. Lipe
Peter M. Pino
Stuart Struever
Sidney J. Taylor
Gomer W. Walters
Gordon P. Wilson