Appendix A

Architectural Features Identified at Woods Canyon Pueblo During the Village Mapping Project

In 1993, a Crow Canyon survey crew led by William D. Lipe mapped Woods Canyon Pueblo as part of the Village Mapping Project, a study of large, late sites in the central Mesa Verde region (Lipe and Ortman 2000*1). The resulting map (Database Map 336) and accompanying list of architectural features (Table A.1) make up this appendix, which is intended to provide a more complete picture of site composition and layout than can be gleaned from an examination of the excavation records alone. The feature numbers on Database Map 336 are as originally assigned in 1993, with the addition of more-specific study unit labels in cases in which an architectural feature was later documented more thoroughly during the testing phase of Crow Canyon's investigation (for example, the kiva designated Feature 30 during survey was redesignated Structure 8-S during excavation). Similarly, the feature descriptions provided in Table A.1 are those recorded during the survey, and they do not necessarily agree with interpretations made later on the basis of testing (for example, Feature 131, thought to be a probable kiva by the surveyors, was redesignated Nonstructure 11-N when test excavation revealed the presence of midden and noncultural deposits, but no structure).

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