To Borrow, Credit, or Request Permission

To Borrow from this Publication

This on-line publication may be quoted for scholarly, educational, or review purposes without written permission, provided that the use of the quoted material falls within the bounds of fair use and proper credit is given to the source. Single copies of individual pages may be printed for ease of reading, for personal use only, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur. All other reproduction or transmission of text, tables, or figures, by mechanical or electronic means, including downloading, requires written permission of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.

How to Credit this Publication: Citation Instructions

To cite the entire publication:

Churchill, Melissa J. (editor)
2002 The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo: A Canyon-Rim Village in Southwestern Colorado [HTML Title]. Available: Date of use: day month year.*

To cite this chapter:

Ortman, Scott G.
2002 Artifacts. In The Archaeology of Woods Canyon Pueblo: A Canyon-Rim Village in Southwestern Colorado [HTML Title], edited by Melissa J. Churchill. Available: Date of use: day month year.*

*Example: Date of use: 31 October 2002.

How to Request Permission

To request permission from the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center to reproduce materials from this publication, write to

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
23390 Road K
Cortez, Colorado

A fee will be charged for each request granted, per borrowed item (for example, per map). Your request for permission must include the following (incomplete requests will not be granted):

Information about the work in which you intend to include the borrowed materials:

  • Name of the work (for example, the book, chapter, journal article, dissertation, or thesis title). If the work is part of a larger work (for example, a chapter in an edited volume), also provide the title of the larger work. Tentative titles are sufficient.

  • Author and/or editor of the work.

  • Publisher of the work.

  • Anticipated date of publication.

  • Estimated length of the published work.

  • Publication format (paperbound, clothbound, CD-ROM, on-line).

  • Rights requested (for example, world, U.S. only) (Crow Canyon grants nonexclusive rights only).

Information about the Crow Canyon material that you wish to use:

  • Complete title

  • Author or editor

  • Year of publication

  • Detailed description of the material to be borrowed, including figure number, table number, and/or text passage; include description of proposed modifications to original material, if any

Information about you:

  • Your name

  • Street address

  • Telephone number

  • Fax number

  • E-mail address

Enclose a stamped, self-addressed return envelope. Allow 4 weeks for response.

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