Chapter Contents, Artifacts

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    Processing of Artifacts in the Laboratory
    Definitions of Analytic Categories
    Disposition of Materials
        Destructive Analysis
    Additional Studies of Woods Canyon Pueblo Artifacts
    Organization and Use of This Report

Definition of Site Components

Components from Other Sites Used for Comparative Purposes

    Unmodified Sherds
        Total Inventory by Ware and Type
        White Ware Sherds by Type and Finish
        Total Inventory by Ware and Form
        Rim Sherds by Ware and Type
        White Ware Rims by Type and Finish
        Rim Sherds by Ware and Form
    Modified and Shaped Sherds
    Pottery Vessels
    Analysis of Corrugated Jar Rims
        Rim-Arc Data
        Rim Form Measurement Data
    Analysis of White Ware Bowl Rims
        Rim-Arc Data
        Vessel Size vs. Exterior Decoration
    Pottery Production and Exchange
        Direct Evidence of Pottery Making
        Indirect Evidence of Pottery Making

Chipped-Stone Tools and Manufacturing Debris
    Definitions of Raw Material Categories
        Local Raw Materials
        Semilocal Raw Materials
        Nonlocal Raw Materials
    Artifact Type vs. Raw Material
        By Count
        By Percentage
    Mass Analysis of Chipped-Stone Debris
        Raw Material vs. Cortex
        Raw Materials by Component
        Flake-Size Distributions
    Analysis of Projectile Points and Bifaces
        Catalog, Analysis Data, and Provenience
        Form vs. Raw Material
        Production Stage vs. Raw Material

Ground-Stone Tools
    Artifact Category vs. Site Section
    Artifact Category vs. Raw Material
    Artifact Category vs. Condition

Pecked and Polished Stone Tools
    Polished Igneous Stones and Polishing/Hammerstones
    Axes and Mauls

Other Stones and Minerals
    Modification vs. Raw Material

Bone Tools

Objects of Nonlocal Materials
    Relative Density of Nonlocal Objects

Objects of Personal Adornment
    Catalog of Beads, Pendants, and Tubes
    Raw Materials by Component

Intrasite Analyses
    Kiva Floor Assemblages
    Artifact Assemblages by Site Area
        Box Plots of Artifact Freqencies Across Site Areas
        Correspondence Analysis of Artifact Counts by Site Areas
    Analysis of Artifact Densities in Kiva Fill and Roof-Fall Deposits


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