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Introduction, by Melissa J. Churchill (10K)

Research Objectives and Methods, by Melissa J. Churchill (23K)

Architecture and Site Layout, by Melissa J. Churchill (65K)

Chronology, by Melissa J. Churchill and Scott G. Ortman (54K)

Population Estimates, by Melissa J. Churchill (23K)

Artifacts, by Scott G. Ortman (177K)     [Chapter Contents]

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      Paragraphs 1–90 (105K)
      Paragraphs 91–160 (78K)

Faunal Remains, by Jonathan C. Driver (23K)

Archaeobotanical Remains , by Katharine D. Rainey and Sandra Jezik (83K)

Human Skeletal Remains, by Cynthia S. Bradley (106K)

Water Control and Subsistence , by Melissa J. Churchill (44K)

Abandonment and Emigration , by Melissa J. Churchill (36K)

Appendix A (8K)

Bibliography (9K)

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