Structure 102, masonry surface structure


Fill above and below Structure 102 Surface 1 was removed by Colorado Mountain College in the 1970s. Therefore, there is no remaining evidence of abandonment.
No direct evidence of construction remains because this structure was excavated by Colorado Mountain College in the 1970s. Based on the proximity to Structure 122 (kiva), Structure 102 was most likely constructed during the Pueblo II period. Structure 122 has tree-ring dates, two of which are cutting dates, of A.D. 1119r and A.D. 1129+B. Structure 102 has a banded masonry pattern which is characteristic of structures constructed during the period of Chacoan influence, or the Pueblo II period in the Mesa Verde region. A prehistoric road (connecting Shields Pueblo and Casa Negra) is also characteristic of Chacoan influence during the Pueblo II period. The road was constructed south of Structure 102 and its surrounding roomblock.
No evidence of remodeling.
No evidence of reuse.
Date Range
2 (A.D. 920 – 1140)
Site-Wide Dating