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Nonstructure 1219, extramural surface

No Construction Data

No Tree-Ring Dates

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Masonry Details
General Location In the great tower complex.
Specific Location Adjacent to the west wall of the bi-wall structure.
Selection Criteria Surface was encountered during excavations to expose the outside face of the bi-wall structure and document the outside surface associated with it.
Use Probably used for a variety of outdoor activities by the occupants of bi-wall Structures 1214 and 1222 adjacent to the west. The mano and the small pit feature are probably remnants of some of these activities. Other artifacts on this surface were probably incidental refuse; some refuse also accumulated in the sediment above this surface (possibly tossed out of windows in Structure 1214 or 1222).
Abandonment Abandoned as a result of the abandonment of the adjacent roomblock.
Postabandonment Processes Wall stones from the bi-wall structure collapsed onto the surface.
Dating of Construction Surface was not constructed.
Dating of Remodeling
Dating of Abandonment The presence of Mesa Verde Black-on-white pottery indicates that this surface was used after A.D. 1180.
Dating of Midden
Dating of Reuse
Date range 6 (A.D. 1225–1300)
In order by excavation unit number.
Excavation Unit 86
Location Segment 11 (1 x 2 m unit.). Great tower complex. Adjacent to the west wall of the bi-wall structure.
Selection Criteria Judgmental. Part of an east-west cross-section trench that bisected the great tower bi-wall structure.
Excavation Strategy Strata subdivided into arbitrary levels.
Unit Ends at Bedrock.
Study Unit(s) Identified in this Excavation Unit
Study Unit Type Study Unit Number Study Unit Description
Arbitrary Unit
extramural surface
Data and maps showing details of stratigraphy for this excavation unit are available here.
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