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Nonstructure 1226, extramural surface

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Masonry Details
General Location At the north edge of the great tower complex.
Specific Location 8 m northeast of Structure 1210; above extramural surface Nonstructure 1223.
Selection Criteria This surface was defined during excavations to expose and document masonry wall (possible water-control feature associated with the great tower complex).
Use Use of this surface is not clear from the small amount of surface exposed, but was probably related to water-procurement activities associated with Nonstructure 1223, Feature 1 (wall:other), which is inferred to have been a dam.
Abandonment Abandoned as a result of roomblock abandonment.
Postabandonment Processes Surface was buried by stones that collapsed off of the adjacent wall and sediment that was deposited naturally.
Dating of Construction This surface is above, and so postdates, the surface associated with the construction of the adjacent Nonstructure 1223, Feature 1 (wall:other). This wall is of pecked-block masonry style, and is either double-stone or double-stone-with-core in cross-section. These masonry styles indicate construction in the Pueblo III period (A.D. 1150-1300).
Dating of Remodeling
Dating of Abandonment Abandoned when the adjacent roomblock was abandoned.
Dating of Midden
Dating of Reuse
Date range 6 (A.D. 1225–1300)
In order by excavation unit number.
Excavation Unit 87
Location Segment 2 (1 x 2 m unit.). At the north edge of the great tower complex. 8 m northeast of Structure 1210.
Selection Criteria Judgmental. To expose water control feature associated with the great tower complex.
Excavation Strategy Strata subdivided into arbitrary levels.
Unit Ends at Bedrock.
Study Unit(s) Identified in this Excavation Unit
Study Unit Type Study Unit Number Study Unit Description
Arbitrary Unit
extramural surface
extramural surface
Data and maps showing details of stratigraphy for this excavation unit are available here.
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