Structure 146, subterranean room

About this Structure

General Location

Central portion of site.

Specific Location

West-central portion of Block 100; below Backhoe Trench 144.

Interpretive Type

Living room.

Structure Use

Structure 146 is a masonry-lined subterranean structure that contains some architectural characteristics of a kiva (circular, has a hearth, subterranean), but was constructed without a bench, pilasters, niches, or a ventilation tunnel. The presence of multiple bowl and jar sherds indicates that the structure had a domestic function. The presence of a hearth also indicates a domestic use and would have been used for light, heat, and food preparation. The remains of a headless turkey on the structure floor possibly indicates ritual activity.


The primary beams were removed and probably recycled. The remainder of the roof collapsed on to the structure floor. Based on pottery on the floor surface it appears that Structure 146 was abandoned in the early Pueblo III period (there is more McElmo Black-on-white than Mesa Verde Black-on-white).


Natural sediments accumulated above the roof after it collapsed. Some artifacts washed in from areas of higher elevation.

Excavation Details