Wet Behind the Bears Ears: Backcountry Archaeology

bears ears


The Study of Water in a Sacred Landscape


Join Crow Canyon as we follow the path of least resistance through the impressive landscape of one of our newest national monuments. You will see signs of life all around, yet water seems scarce among the sandstone mesas and time-worn valleys unless you know where to look. Join your guides Craig Childs, Jonathan Till, and Hopi and Ute scholars as we study the water of Bears Ears National Monument and all that it has made possible over the centuries. Enjoy a guided tour through time and place as we explore ancient art and architecture. See for yourself why this place is culturally important and worthy of our respect.


  • Explore a Chaco-style great house, and camp in the beautiful landscape of Bears Ears National Monument.
  • Learn how the ancient ones lived in the inspiring landscape of Bears Ears. Duck into canyons and gaze out over miles of unique rock formations to discover hidden springs, seasonal watercourses, and ancestral dwellings.
  • Learn from Hopi and Ute scholars who will guide the group through cultural sites with connections to their culture and traditional lifeways. Learn about life on the land from the perspective of people who have sustained life in the high desert for thousands of years.


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