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Crow Canyon's National Policy Agenda

Mesa Verde National ParkThe Crow Canyon Archaeological Center has a national policy agenda that guides its advocacy of the protection of significant cultural resources.

The Center’s policy goals for federal lands are in line with the Center’s general policy goals, which include encouraging open, transparent and inclusive public processes in policy discussions; heightening awareness of the value of archaeological research to inform decision-making on current social and environmental challenges; and promoting “civic science” that respects local and indigenous knowledge and seeks community participation.

Federal public lands in the western United States preserve a treasure of archaeological, historical, and traditional cultural sites. Crow Canyon will work to maintain access to archaeological sites on public lands for the benefits of its own and other institutions’ research and educational programs. The Center is especially concerned with continued access to federal lands for the purpose of investigator-initiated research derived from the pursuit of research questions important in gaining better understanding of the history of past cultures and of the processes that influenced change in those cultures.

The Center will also work to ensure that groups having a cultural heritage connection to sites and places on federal lands can maintain access to those locations for their own purposes.

To accomplish those goals, Crow Canyon may work to have appropriate provisions included in congressional enabling legislation, presidential proclamations, federal resource management plans and other documents governing designation and management of federal public lands.

Each year at Crow Canyon’s annual meeting, the Center’s Government Affairs committee devises a list of specific policy goals for the upcoming year for Board of Trustees approval. Those goals then guide Crow Canyon's advocacy work over the next year. Crow Canyon advocates through education and does not lobby or solicit votes for specific candidates for legislation.

See the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center National Policy Agenda and 2015 Policy Goals.

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