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Corn: So Much More Than Planting a Seed

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Pueblo Farming Project (Photo: Crow Canyon Archaeological Center)

Corn is more than simply food for the Hopi people of northeast Arizona. Corn is life.

Now a new film from the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center shows how the relationship to corn has not only sustained the Hopi and other Pueblo communities, but also how that ancient relationship to corn and corn production can benefit both Hopi and Euroamerican farmers living in the often parched Southwest.

More Than Planting a Seed tells the story of the Pueblo Farming Project, a partnership between the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office and the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.

The film highlights the similarities and differences between Hopi and Euroamerican approaches to food and food production and outcomes that benefited both partners.

As part of the Shared Historical Landscapes Project, the film was paid for in part by a History Colorado State Historical Fund grant, as well as the generous support of donors and program participants like you.

Thank you for your support!

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