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Your Support Helps Make Crow Canyon's Teen Camps a Success

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Summertime means summercamps, and because of you The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center was able to give nearly 80 young people from across the country the chance to touch the past and possibly change their futures at our three teen camps.

Students in Crow Canyon's Middle School and High School Archaeology Camps had the opportunity to assist our archaeological researchers both in the lab and out at our new dig site—the Haynie site—as well as learn about the ancient past and modern American Indian culture through an array of fun and educational activities. Students in Crow Canyon's three-week High School Field School also took part in exciting camping, hiking, and rafting trips.

When asked what she would say to someone considering coming to one of Crow Canyon's teen camps next year, High School Archaeology camper Erin Quick had a short and simple reply: "Do it!"

"It's a lot of fun, you make a whole bunch of new friends," said Quick, a high school student from Grand Rapids, Michigan. "I'd say do it. It's an amazing experience."


These activities are only made possible thanks to the support of donors and program participants like you. But now we need your help to assure that Crow Canyon can provide an incredible educational experience for children in the years to come, as harsh Colorado weather and the touch of literally tens of thousands of young hands over the years have left our Pithouse Learning Center and Pueblo Learning Center in need of renovation and repair.

Please click here for more information on what needs to be done and how your donation can help.

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