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Crow Canyon Awarded History Colorado Grant for Northern Chaco Outliers Project

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Work on the Northern Chaco Outliers Project got off to an incredible start in 2017, thanks in large part to your generous support and the hard work of our program participants. Now a grant from the History Colorado State Historical Fund will help to ensure that groundbreaking research will continue during the 2018 field season and beyond.

The organization awarded Crow Canyon Archaeological Center a nearly $200,000 grant to support research, education, and American Indian initiatives as part of the Northern Chaco Outliers Project. The funds will help our researchers and educators expand on the initial work conducted at the Haynie site this past year. This includes research into the nature and extent of Chaco influence at Haynie, how Haynie fit into the larger Chaco regional system, and how Haynie residents adapted to the A.D. 1130-1180 drought that brought change into the Four Corners region.

In addition, the grant—in conjunction with the vital financial support of people like you—will go toward collecting data during excavation which will enable inquiry into issues of broader anthropological interest. This includes whether migrants from the southern and middle San Juan regions built the Haynie great houses, whether they were constructed over earlier structures, the nature of the community’s social structure, the sustainability of natural and cultural resources, and the changing relationships between humans and the environment through time, among many other questions.

 “We can learn a great deal about humanity—and where we are at in our own societies—by understanding the decisions that were made by ancestral Pueblo people in the past and the outcomes of those decisions,” said Dr. Susan Ryan, Crow Canyon’s Director of Archaeology.

The most unique aspect of this project is that you too can be a part of the thrill of discovery through Crow Canyon's Archaeology Research and Archaeology Lab programs. Working alongside some of the top researchers in the field of Southwest archaeology, you can help excavate and analyze ancient artifacts both in the field at the Haynie site and back at our research lab on the Crow Canyon campus.

Click here for more information on how you can be a part of this exciting research.

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