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Crow Canyon Educators Ready to Welcome Back Students for 2018

Pithouse Learning Center

The winter's not over, and there's still a lot of work to do, but the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center's team of educators are ready to welcome students from across the nation back to campus for another year of experiential learning and fun.

That includes making use of our newly renovated Pithouse Learning Center, which after 10 years and some 18,000 students, was starting to show signs of wear and age. But thanks to the generous support of donors and program participants like you, it was rebuilt late last year with new exterior coating, new interior surfaces, and a new floor. The Pithouse Learning Center recreates an environment that allows students to experience for themselves the lifestyle of the ancestral Pueblo Indians of the seventh century A.D.

“The Pithouse Learning Center is a cornerstone of our programming at Crow Canyon," said Crow Canyon Educator Tyson Hughes. "It's a fantastic tool for connecting participants to the cultures that we study. I'm very excited to share our recently renovated pithouse with students."

Crow Canyon's innovative educational programs help give students in grades 4 through 12 the intellectual tools they need to explore the world and think critically. Our program modules teach students about archaeology, ancestral Pueblo Indian history, the scientific process, and the complex interactions between people and their environments.

"I can’t wait for our returning schools to see the renovations," said Crow Canyon Director of Education Sean Gantt, Ph.D. "I really think that it will show our loyal teachers who return year after year with their students that we are investing in our education programs and infrastructure.”

"Being inside an actual reproduction that is clean, structurally sound, and visually appealing allows students to relate to the past better by imagining living in such a place comfortably," said Hughes. "I truly believe that the fresh face of this learning center will greatly enhance the experience of the participants fortunate enough to use it in programs.”

Crow Canyon also offers incredible summer camp opportunities for middle school and high school students, including our Middle School Archaeology Camp and High School Archaeology Camp as well as an in-depth three-week High School Field school. For more information about Crow Canyon's summer camp programs, click here or call (800) 422-8975, ext. 455.


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