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New Book from Crow Canyon's Kari Schleher Takes Closer Look at an Important Pueblo Site

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New Mexico's San Marcos Pueblo was one of the major social, political, and economic hubs in the Pueblo world before the Spanish arrived in the American Southwest in the 16th century. Now a new book provides the definitive record on more than a decade of archaeological investigations at the site on the banks of the Rio Grande—the ancestral home of Kewa and Cochiti pueblo descendants.

The Archaeology and History of Pueblo San Marcos (University of New Mexico Press), coedited by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Laboratory Manager Kari Schleher, Ph.D., with University of New Mexico Professor Emerita of Anthropology Ann Ramenofsky, Ph.D., looks at the archaeological and historical background of San Marcos Pueblo through the time of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 against the Spanish colonizers.

The book explores possible changes in Pueblo social organization, examines population changes during the occupation, and delineate aspects of Pueblo/Spanish interaction that occurred with the Spaniards’ intrusion into the colony and especially the Galisteo Basin. Highlights include historical context, in-depth consideration of archaeological field and laboratory methods, compositional and stylistic analyses of the famed glaze-paint ceramics, analysis of flaked stone that includes obsidian hydration dating, and discussion of the beginnings of colonial metallurgy and protohistoric Pueblo population change.

You can join Kari in the lab this summer as part of our remarkable Archaeology Lab Program. Here you'll have the opportunity to work alongside world-class archaeologists like Kari as you help do hands-on archaeological analysis of the artifacts being discovered at the Haynie site as part of Crow Canyon's groundbreaking Northern Chaco Outliers Project.

For more information on how you can be a part of the fun, click here, and check out the videos below to learn more on why the lab is so important in archaeology.

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