California School Making Trip to Crow Canyon an Annual Tradition

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Crow Canyon Archaeological Center is proud to welcome hundreds of students from schools across the nation to our campus each year—and it’s especially gratifying when those schools come back again and again to engage with our groundbreaking educational programs.

The Nueva School from Hillsborough, California, has been sending groups of fifth-grade students to Crow Canyon for nearly 20 years. They’ve been coming for so long, in fact, that Nueva teacher Zubin Mobedshahi has actually made the trip to Crow Canyon first as a student and now as an educator.

“Spending time at Crow Canyon continues to be inspiring and impactful,” says Zubin. “It’s humbling to behold history, witness our understanding of it grow, and see ourselves as a dynamic part of it.”

Zubin says that 13 years passed between his first visit to Crow Canyon as a student and his return visit as a teacher.

“My strongest memories from age 11 were of the landscape, simulated dig, and pottery,” says Zubin. “Finding pottery along the trails was a trip! I was heartbroken that I couldn’t take it home, (though as an adult) it’s very obvious that removing the artifact would cheapen the object and the possessor.”

The Nueva School’s motto is “Learn by Doing, Learn by Caring,” and fifth grade teacher Zac Carr says that Crow Canyon’s education offerings mesh well with what Nueva’s teachers are doing in the classroom.

“Every year I’m so impressed with what (Crow Canyon) is able to offer our kids,” says Zac. “We are beyond pleased with our experience, and I’m thrilled every time I get to step on to Crow Canyon’s campus.”

Zac says that in keeping with their school’s motto, Nueva’s students respond best when presented with opportunities for hands-on learning. He says that when his students are most engaged while participating in a simulated excavation, throwing an atlatl, weaving yucca cordage, and the array of other experiential educational opportunities that Crow Canyon offers.

In addition, Zac says that he’s impressed with how Crow Canyon’s educational and archaeological staff work to make archaeology and history engaging and accessible to groups of all ages, from young children through adults.

“Visiting Crow Canyon, I’m still filled with wonder every year,” says Zubin. “The hands-on opportunities and moments of joy our students experience touches me as an educator. I’m incredibly grateful.”

If you are a teacher—or if you know a teacher—you can find out more about Crow Canyon’s array of experiential educational programs by calling 800-422-8975, extension 455; or click here.