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Field Season is Over, but Work Never Really Stops at the Haynie Site

Haynie Closing 102518 JV JOOMLA

Colder weather is fast approaching the Four Corners region, and that means the 2018 field season for the Northern Chaco Outliers Project at the Haynie site has come to a close.

However, for Crow Canyon’s crew of hard-working archaeologists the work at the Haynie site never really stops.  In addition to planning for the 2019 field season, they are busy examining the exciting finds made by our program participants and staff over the past six months.

But topping their to-do list is to seal up the site in preparation for southwest Colorado’s notoriously unpredictable winters. This means covering up active trenches and excavation units with plywood and waterproof plastic to protect exposed surfaces from rain, snow, and ice.

It also means getting out the shovels and wheelbarrows to refill any completed excavation units for the benefit of future archaeologists. It’s a dirty, dusty job—which, for our field archaeologists (and staff volunteers from other Crow Canyon departments), is right up their alley.

Check out the video below for more on how and why Crow Canyon refills our excavation units after we’re done digging. And for more information on how you can be a part of the 2019 field season at the Haynie site through our Archaeology Research Program, click here!

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