Curriculum & Standards

Crow Canyon's curriculum reflects 30 years of development, testing, and refinement by our staff of professional educators and archaeologists. Our goal is to engage students in the study of past and present cultures, challenge them to think critically, and instill in them a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

The Crow Canyon curriculum

  • is based on the belief that everyone's history matters
  • articulates with National Standards (Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies); Colorado Academic Standards, including 21st Century Skills; and Four Corners State Standards for Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.
  • allows students to "experience the past" through hands-on activities at our pithouse and pueblo learning centers, which replicate Pueblo settlements during the seventh and twelfth centuries A.D.
  • was developed in consultation with Pueblo Indians and other indigenous peoples to ensure that what we teach is accurate, respectful, and mindful of the connections between past and present