Authentic. Exciting. Relevant. Fun!

These are words that teachers and students use to describe what it’s like to learn at Crow Canyon.

And that makes our staff very happy. We’ve developed our experiential education programs to engage students and encourage them to actively participate in the learning process. Through hands-on activities and group discussion, our educators convey key information and concepts about history, culture, science, and archaeology.

In our Simulated Excavation activity, for instance, students (grade 4 and older) learn the practical skills of field archaeology as they work together to excavate and map replicas of archaeological sites. The “sim dig” is not only a great lesson in the scientific method, it also prepares students (middle school and older) for Field Excavation and Lab—activities in which students work alongside professional archaeologists at our current excavation site. For 30 years, involving students in our research in this way has been at the heart of Crow Canyon's mission. We're grateful to the student groups (and the teachers who've brought them here) for their hard work and contributions to our understanding of the archaeology of the Mesa Verde region.

For descriptions of Simulated Excavation and other activities, see below. The specific activities in which your group participates will depend on grade level, program length, group size, weather conditions, campus capacity, and other factors. Activities can be modified to accommodate the cultural concerns of American Indian students.