Field Excursions

Mesa Verde National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in southwestern Colorado. It is the ancestral homeland of many present-day Pueblo peoples whose communities are now located in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. The park oversees more than 4,000 known archaeological sites. The cliff dwellings are some of the most notable and best preserved sites in the United States. Scholars will have the opportunity to spend four days touring major ancestral Puebloan sites including Cliff Palace and Balcony House and taking a behind-the-scenes artifact curation tour.

Pueblo de Cochiti is located 25 miles southwest of Santa Fe. Scholars will have an opportunity to visit Cochiti for San Bonaventura Feast Day and observe the ceremonial dances. They will experience traditional Puebloan food at a meal shared with one of our NEH Pueblo scholars and his family.

The Pueblo of Pojoaque also referred to as “Po’suwae-geh Owingeh” meaning “water gathering place,” is located 16 miles north of Santa Fe. It is one of six northern Tewa-speaking Rio Grande Pueblos. Scholars will visit the Pueblo in the morning and spend the afternoon at nearby Poeh Cultural Center and Museum known for its exhibits of Pueblo art and its preservation of the traditional arts and culture of the Tewa-speaking pueblos.

Santa Clara Pueblo is also a Tewa-speaking village located on the west bank of the Rio Grande, about 25 miles north of Santa Fe. It is one of the largest of 19 pueblos in New Mexico and home to over 1,200 residents, and skilled artisans. Scholars will have an opportunity to experience Pueblo life while interacting with Pueblo educators and scholars.

There are certain restrictions scholars will be asked to observe while visiting the Pueblos.