Housing and Meals

We encourage NEH scholars to stay on campus in order to become fully integrated members of the institute’s collegial learning community. Shared meals and accommodations allow scholars to spend time getting to know fellow colleagues and project team members. NEH scholars are housed in comfortable Navajo-style log cabins (hogans). The cabins have electric heat and lights, but no television and no air conditioning. At nearly 6,191 feet in elevation, even summer nights can be chilly. The cabins are located in a quiet, secluded area of campus. Housing is shared—generally two to four people per cabin; single rooms are not available. You must provide your own bedding and towels. Shower and restroom facilities are adjacent to the cabins.

The cost of housing for scholars is $25 per night in shared accommodations. Scholars will be charged for six nights of housing ($150 Sunday-Friday nights).

The dining hall is located in the Crow Canyon lodge. Crow Canyon has an excellent chef; our meals are not typical institutional fare. Vegetarian options are available. Dinners and lunches include a salad bar. Coffee, lemonade, iced tea, and fresh fruit are available on campus all day. We do our best to accommodate special dietary restrictions or needs upon request (gluten-free, vegan, etc.). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on campus are $35 per day with the exception of Saturday and Sunday when only one meal is served (Sunday dinner is $15 and Saturday breakfast is $9).

Please note that no alternate housing or meal options are available in walking distance from Crow Canyon’s campus.

In addition to housing and dining facilities, the main buildings on the Crow Canyon campus contain classrooms, an education lab, archaeological research labs, a 5,000-volume research library, a temporary curation facility, a large comfortable study for adults who are visiting campus, and staff offices. A work station is available in the Gates Building lobby for e-mail and Internet access (the building closes at 10 p.m.); we encourage you to bring a laptop or tablet for greater flexibility in pursuing your research.