Middle School Archaeology Camp

July 19–25, 2020

Brush away the dirt to uncover ancient pottery—and be the first person to touch that artifact in nearly a thousand years. Every summer at Crow Canyon, middle school students join our research team in southwestern Colorado, helping to discover the history of the ancestral Pueblo people of the Mesa Verde region.

At this academic/science camp, middle school students learn excavation and lab techniques, then work with our archaeologists. You’ll excavate at a real archaeological site where ancestral Pueblo people lived nearly a 1,000 years ago. You’ll also wash, catalog, and analyze ancient artifacts in the lab.

At archaeology camp you’ll also learn about American Indian cultures, past and present. Explore the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Find out what it’s like to weave on a loom, throw a wooden spear with an atlatl, and make fire with a bow drill.

In 2015 USA Today named our archaeology summer camps one of the 10 best adventure camps for kids.

Educational Focus

  • Introduction to archaeology and Pueblo history
  • Science, technology, engineering, math, and critical thinking

Students must have completed sixth, seventh, or eighth grade and be 12 years old by program date.