2020 Travel Seminars

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This is just the beginning. We will release more information about these fascinating trips throughout the summer.

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Birds of the Pueblo World

Birds web thumb

Scholars: Dan Simplicio &
Kristi Dranginis

Location: West Central New Mexico

Season: Spring

A Study in Clay: Ancestral Pueblo Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop web thumb

Scholars: Gregory Wood &
Julian Hernandez

Location: Northern New Mexico

Season: Spring

Climate and Culture in the Southern Rockies

desert floor with two large cliffs on each side of an passage to open desert in Northern New Mexico

Scholars: Kyle Bocinsky &
Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

Location: Northern New Mexico

Season: Spring

Explorations in the Aztatlán World


Aztatlan web thumb

Scholar: Michael Mathiowetz

Location: West Mexico

Season: Spring

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Can't Wait for 2020?

Crow Canyon still has spots available on a few of our 2019 Programs:

Island Cultures: The Chumash of California

Chumash web thumb California ocean coast with cliffs and blue water

Scholars: Jen Perry &
Matthew Vestuto

Location: Southern California

Season: Summer

Indigenous Landscapes: Photography Workshop

Photography web thumb

Scholars: Lapita Arviso &
Tyana Arviso

Location: Southeast Utah

Season: Fall

Going Rogue: Rogue River Adventures and Coastal Cultures

Rogue River web thumb

Scholar: Shannon Tushingham

Location: Pacific Northwest

Season: Summer

Wet Behind the Bears Ears: Backcountry Archaeology

Bears Ears web thumb

Scholars: Jonathan Till &
Craig Childs

Location: Southeast Utah

Season: Fall

Cuisine through Time: Art of Archaeology of Food

Cuisine web thumb

Scholars: Sarah Oas,
Kyle Bocinsky, & Katrina Blair

Location: Southwest Colorado

Season: Summer

Ancient Civilizations of Power and Influence: Chaco

Chaco web thumb

Scholars: Tim Pauketat,
Gerardo Gutiérrez, & Steve Lekson

Location: Northern New Mexico

Season: Fall

Turquoise Trails: Southwest Indian Arts

Turquoise SWIA web thumb

Scholars: Tanner Family

Location: Central New Mexico

Season: Summer

Japan: Spiritual Beings in Trees


Audience at a Japanese traditional show

Scholars: Fumi Arakawa &
Ramson Lomatewama

Location: Central Japan

Season: Fall