2020 Travel Seminars

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Registration opens Fall 2019. For more information about our upcoming programs, call a Crow Canyon sales and enrollment specialist: 800.422.8975, ext. 457

Birds of the Pueblo World

Birds web thumb

Scholars: Dan Simplicio & Kristi Dranginis

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Date: May 12-18

Blend your passion for birding with Zuni culture and archaeology. Gain insight into the meaning of birds for the Zuni and see some of the vast avian related rock images, materials, and artwork. Whether you are a casual birder or an expert, you’ll add deep knowledge on this unique, birdwatching journey!

A Study in Clay: Ancestral Pueblo Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop web thumb

Scholars: Gregory Wood &
Julian Hernandez

Location: Ghost Ranch/Abiquiu, NM

Date: May 31-June 6

Remember how you marveled at the intricate geometric designs on ancient pottery for the first time? Return to that excitement during this creative, interactive workshop. Learn about the formation of clays, how to make yucca paint brushes, build a classic Mesa Verde Black-on-White style vessel, and fire it in a subterranean slab-lined-pit.

Climate and Culture in the Southern Rockies

desert floor with two large cliffs on each side of an passage to open desert in Northern New Mexico

Scholars: Kyle Bocinsky &
Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

Location: Los Alamos/Taos, NM

Date: May 17-23 
From the rugged volcanic mountains of the Jemez Mountains
to the high desert of the Rio Grande gorge, traverse the complex landscapes that have shaped human development for thousands of years. Meet Pueblo tribal members and preeminent climate scientists who provide fresh perspectives on some of the most significant and controversial issues of our time.

Explorations in the Aztatlán World


Aztatlan web thumb

Scholar: Michael Mathiowetz & John Pohl

Location: Puerto Vallarta (Nayarit/Jalisco border), Mexico

Date: March 30-April 7

Aztatlán was one of the most complex cultural developments in Mesoamerica. Join us as we explore the natural wonders in west Mexico that shaped the region and its far reaching connections to places like Paquimé, Chaco Canyon, and the Mimbres Valley.

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Can't Wait for 2020?

Crow Canyon still has spots available on a few of our 2019 Programs:

Island Cultures: The Chumash of California

Chumash web thumb California ocean coast with cliffs and blue water

Scholars: Jen Perry &
Matthew Vestuto

Location: Santa Barbara/Santa Cruz Islands, CA

Date: June 7-13

Located within a global bio-network and home to some of the earliest peoples in the Americas, California’s Santa Cruz Island and Central Coast are considered hotspots of biodiversity.
This journey combines the archaeology, traditions, and cultural landscapes of coastal peoples such as the Chumash. Scholars from the Chumash Tribe and California State University Channel Islands provide exclusive insights into Chumash history and cultural revitalization efforts.

Indigenous Landscapes: Photography Workshop

Photography web thumb

Scholars: Lapita Arviso &
Tyana Arviso

Location: Bears Ears National Monument, UT

Date: September 20-25

The ephemeral light of the desert southwest calls to photographers and artists worldwide. Lapita Arviso and her daughter, Tyana Arviso, join us from the Navajo Nation to guide a photographic journey through the remarkable canyon country of Bears Ears National Monument. Learn new techniques and elevate your imagery!

Going Rogue: Rogue River Adventures and Coastal Cultures

Rogue River web thumb

Scholar: Shannon Tushingham (with Native American guest scholars)

Location: Galice, OR to Crescent City, CA

Date: August 4-10

Travel the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River, and
explore the deep cultural ties to an area rich in food, medicinal flora, wildlife, and free flowing water. Learn how the Rogue River connects cultures across the mid-Pacific coast, and how ritualistic practices are tied to salmon fisheries and other foods.

Wet Behind the Bears Ears: Backcountry Archaeology

Bears Ears web thumb

Scholars: Jonathan Till &
Craig Childs

Location: Bears Ears National Monument, UT

Date: September 11-17 and March 13-19
Water is the most precious resource in the arid high desert. Explore the unusual aquatic landscapes of Bears Ears National Monument with expert scholars. Search for dripping springs and watering holes on an extraordinary trek through rugged canyon lands.

Cuisine through Time: Art of Archaeology of Food

Cuisine web thumb

Scholars: Sarah Oas & Kyle Bocinsky, with chefs Raymond Naranjo & Katrina Blair

Location: Dolores, CO

Date: August 23-28

Why does the party always end up in the kitchen? Because food has been a core component of society and culture! Join us as we examine past and present food systems around various archaeological sites, and work alongside renowned chefs to create magnificent, locally-sourced meals.

Ancient Civilizations of Power and Influence: Chaco

Chaco web thumb

Scholars: Tim Pauketat,
Gerardo Gutiérrez, & Steve Lekson

Location: Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, NM

Date: October 12-17

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the solitude, mystery, and power of Chaco Canyon? This is your chance! Spend three nights camping in one of the largest, ancient community centers in the American West with three of the finest big-picture scholars who place Chaco Canyon into a continental context and weave compelling stories of trade, identity, and power.

Turquoise Trails: Southwest Indian Arts

Turquoise SWIA web thumb

Scholars: Tanner Family

Location: Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Gallup, NM

Date: June 22-28
Turquoise is a rare gemstone of great historical and cultural significance in the American Southwest. Join the Tanner family – members of a trading post dynasty – as you explore the artistic, economic, and sacred value of turquoise in Native American cultures.

Japan: Spiritual Beings in Trees


Audience at a Japanese traditional show

Scholars: Fumi Arakawa &
Ramson Lomatewama

Location: Central Japan

Date: October 13-24
Join us on a journey into the sacred properties of trees. For Hopi and Japanese cultures, trees and forests are intimately connected to the natural world and provide living testimonies to the sacred past. Meet master craftsman, architects, archaeologists, and artisans on this unforgettable journey.