Crow Canyon Welcomes New EVP of Indigenous Affairs

Posted June 3, 2024

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center has named Theresa A. Pasqual as Executive Vice President (EVP) of Indigenous Affairs. Ms. Pasqual is the first to hold this new leadership position with the nonprofit organization. She joins the Executive Team to work with the Board of Trustees and stakeholders to set the strategic direction of Indigenous Affairs for the organization, with emphasis on integration of Indigenous knowledge and interests into administration, programming, and research, as well as setting long- and near-term vision and goals for the organization.

“I am delighted to join the Executive Team at Crow Canyon at a pivotal time in the organization’s reflection on its past as a traditional center of archaeological research and the current work envisioning the future of Crow Canyon and the organization’s desire to be more inclusive, intentional, and reciprocal with present-day tribal communities. I look forward to our collaborative work together,” Ms. Pasqual said.

A Tribally Enrolled Member of Acoma Pueblo, Ms. Pasqual brings more than 20 years of experience in management of cultural, archaeological, and historical resources, and coordination with tribal, federal, state, and local governments and nonprofit organizations. She has served as Director of the Acoma Tribal Historic Preservation Office and Historic Site Director for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Ms. Pasqual served as an Appointee to the Department of Interior Office of Water and Science, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, where she was the primary contact between the Secretary’s Designee and Tribes associated with the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program. She recently completed a four-year project that included the formation and leadership of the Chaco Heritage Tribal Association—a tribally led, congressionally appropriated ethnographic study by five Pueblo tribes on the Greater Chaco Landscape.

According to Crow Canyon President and CEO Liz Perry, “Ms. Pasqual brings tremendous expertise and leadership to Crow Canyon’s mission delivery. Her work on the protection of cultural landscapes, expansion of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in scientific study, and research and policy based in equity, social justice, and inclusion fills a critical need for the future of the organization.”

About Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

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