Crow Canyon People

Our people make us who we are.

William Tsosie Jr.

Navajo Nation Heritage and Historic Preservation Department

Emily Tarantini

2018 Lab Intern

Emily is interested in archaeological collections management, museum anthropology, and repatriation.

Christopher Schwartz

Arizona State University

Kenny Wintch

Bears Ears Partnership

Kenny Wintch is a Preservation Archaeologist working for Bears Ears Partnership (or BEP, formerly known as Friends of Cedar Mesa).

Bethany Wurster

2016 Lab Intern

Bethany is a graduate student at Utah State University interested in lithic tool organization, and lab and curatorial research.

Samuel Villarreal Catanach

Pueblo’s Tewa Language Department

Samuel serves as the director of the Pueblo’s Tewa Language Department

Janelle Scarritt

2022 Archaeology Field Intern

Janelle studied anthropology at San Francisco State University and is collecting experience to apply towards a graduate degree and career in archaeology.

Read Brugger

PFP Volunteer

Read is excited to explore the intersection of Pueblo farmers’ enduring agricultural practices and today’s rapidly changing climate.

Ernest House Jr.

Keystone Policy Center

Katie Kemp

2022 Lab/Field Archaeology Intern

Katie is a graduate student at the University of Montana, Missoula in the Cultural Heritage master’s program. Her thesis research focuses on ground stone food processing activities of Pueblo II sites in Southwestern Colorado.

Rebecca Hammond

Educator and American Indian Outreach Manager; 1991 Lab Intern

Becky is an experienced educator, founding member of the Native American Advisory Group, and a talented beader.

Lilly Domenici

2022 Lab Intern

Lilly graduated from the University of New Mexico with a major in archaeology and minor in earth and planetary sciences. She is pursing a master’s in public archaeology at the University of New Mexico, with a focus on items of personal adornment within the southwest.