Marlon Magdalena

Jemez Historic Site

Marlon Magdalena is a tribal member of the Pueblo of Jemez, a federally recognized tribe in New Mexico where he grew up and currently resides. He is an artist, educator, and performer of Native style flutes. Flute and song making is his art, and he shares his art through the flutes he makes and through his performances. Art has been a large part of his life. Marlon draws and paints, and currently specializes in making several types of flutes found in North America. As Instructional Coordinator at the Jemez Historic Site, Marlon educates the public about Jemez culture through numerous presentations and demonstrations throughout the year. His life is centered on family and the community of Jemez Pueblo where he has gained a lot of knowledge, and it is where he continues to learn new aspects of who he is. He proudly participates in all aspects of Jemez Life, like, speaking the Jemez Language, planting Jemez corn, singing Jemez songs, and dancing Jemez dances.