Charissa Miijessepe-Wilson

Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

Charissa Miijessepe-Wilson (she/her) Potawatomi & Kiikaapoa, is a “forever rez kid,” growing up on the Kickapoo Reservation, where she learned and practiced Traditional Indigenous lifeways. This background led her to study Cultural Anthropology, where she sought knowledge to utilize culture as a form of power-building and revitalization. Since, her work has focused on applying this wisdom at the service of Indigenous Peoples. As a values-driven leader, Charissa emphasizes creative visioning and collective agency through culturally-informed practices. She specializes in start-up development, organizational leadership, strategic planning and partnerships, political advocacy, intergovernmental affairs, and mentoring. Through her own experiences as a Rez Kid, she hopes to encourage Indigenous Relatives to embrace the many facets of Indigeneity that nurture growth, healing, and empowerment.