Bogdan Onac

University of South Florida

Bogdan P. Onac’s research focuses on reconstructing climate and paleoenvironmental changes using ice, guano, and speleothems found in cave and lava tube deposits. He employs stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry and mineralogy to answer his research questions. Onac’s publishing record includes over 180 articles and 12 books. One particular area of his current investigations involves contributing data on past sea level elevations during both warmer and colder periods of Earth’s history, utilizing carbonate encrustations from littoral caves. Recently, he has undertaken the challenging task of unraveling the history of the Greenland Ice Sheet using cave carbonates precipitated in caves from the northeastern region of this remote terrain. Currently holding the position of Professor of Karst Geology and Paleoclimate in the School of Geosciences at the University of South Florida, USA, Onac continues to push the boundaries of scientific inquiry in his field.