Conceptualizing the Past: The Thoughtful Engagement of Hearts and Minds

Public education has been an important part of Crow Canyon almost before Crow Canyon was Crow Canyon. Dr. Edward Berger began conducting experiential education programs in the Cortez area for his Denver area students in the 1960s. These programs focused on the study of archaeology and American Indian history in the region and were grounded in the authentic engagement of students. In 1974, Berger purchased the original 80 acres of land where the Crow Canyon Campus now sits to give these programs a home. This webinar looks at the 40 plus year history of education at Crow Canyon since its genesis in Berger’s “Crow Canyon School” and looks at the way programming is evolving in the present to reach new audiences and be relevant to the concerns of 21st Century learners. Included in the discussion are the fundamental characteristics of Crow Canyon’s educational programming over the years and key strategies used to engage students of all ages.