Listening Seriously for O’odham Heritage

In this talk, Dr. Hill will discuss his insights into the value of considering Native perspectives on heritage. Archaeologists have historically either ignored Native American perspectives on their own past or granted them alternative status irreconcilable with scientific archaeology. In his research on the ‘mysterious disappearance’ of the Hohokam, Dr. Hill has been struck by how much recent archaeological findings converge with what O’odham people have said for generations. This convergence does not necessarily represent an alternative, ideological view, but includes significant empirical insights that archaeologists have begun to productively incorporate into their own scientific understanding of the past. This advance has come in large part from listening more carefully and taking Native accounts seriously. But, listening carefully offers more than just insight into the past; it offers a view of heritage that includes the present and future. Dr. Hill concludes with observations on Native heritage and environmental justice in southern Arizona.