From Chaco to Mesa Verde (Grades 4th – 12th)

Tim O’Donnell, Nate Ramin, Jessica Rodarte.

This unit will address students’ self-identity and place in history while utilizing the Ancestral Pueblo as a case study. In a nutshell, students will learn to identify how our environments impact identity formation – and vice versa.

Essential Questions:
What is Identity? How do we define our own? Where is home? How does where you live shape your identity? How do you (and other people) shape where you live? How do you shape your identity?

Learning Objectives:
We embrace and understand cultural and historical roots and indigeneity. We embark on a journey to decolonize as holistic human beings through critical consciousness, radical hope and self-love. We understand that the stories of our people have shaped who we are.

Grade Levels:
4th – 12th grades

History, Social Studies, Humanities, Anthropology, Geography.

Culture, Migration, Ancestral Pueblo, Identity, Sustainability, History, Social Studies, Humanities, Anthropology, Geography.

1 – 2 Class Periods.

State Standards:
Common Core, New York