Archaeology Research Program

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Crow Canyon was founded on the idea that members of the public could play an important role in archaeology. Each year, we welcome people of all ages to our campus near Mesa Verde in Southwest Colorado. Participants serve as citizen scientists in support of our mission to pursue archaeological research and experiential education in collaboration with Native Americans.

Crow Canyon’s experiential education programs not only provide instruction in archaeological techniques but also involve citizen scientists in the actual research process. This firsthand approach increases awareness of, and appreciation for, our rich cultural heritage, while providing broad-based support for archaeological research, preservation, and cultural continuity.


As a “citizen scientist,” you’ll conduct research and in-field artifact analyses alongside Crow Canyon archaeologists in an effort to help us build new, relevant understandings of the past. For lifelong learners age 18 and up.


    • Study the effects of human impacts on the natural environment through time, and how humans have responded to environmental change.
    • Learn about the technological innovations and sustainability of cultures past and present.
    • Dive into the variables that shape the development of human societies and gain an appreciation for cultural diversity and social frameworks.
    • See how human history unfolded across the landscape of the Mesa Verde region.
    • Gain transferable skills in cultural and scientific literacy.

The Pueblo World

Originates in Albuquerque, NM

Step into the Pueblo world and discover the depth and diversity of Pueblo communities in the Rio Grande Valley. Accompanied by extraordinary Pueblo...
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Starting at: $4,400

SOLD OUT Glen Canyon Rising

Page, AZ

Climate change is significantly impacting Reservoir Powell, allowing Glen Canyon to rise again from the depths of impounded waters—a story of human...
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Starting at: $6,800

Experience an unforgettable journey into Bears Ears National Monument. During this five day-four night hiking and camping excursion, immerse yourself...
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Starting at: $4,800

Visit with respect as we travel deep into desert environments that depict the history of ancient cultures surrounding the Green River and Nine Mile...
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Starting at: $4,600

SOLD OUT Movement & Memory

Cortez, CO

Crow Canyon’s beautiful 170-acre campus is your base on an exploration to places that are sacred, special, and seldom seen while discussing aspects...
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Starting at: $4,000

SOLD OUT The Salado Phenomenon

Flagstaff, AZ

The Salado flourished from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries from the Mogollon Rim to the Tonto and Tucson Basins. Here, the Salado...
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Starting at: $5,000


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"I think the most amazing thing for me was how something could be so personally enriching but also still feel like we contributed in some small way."

Flagstaff, AZ

Our Research Themes

Our projects address a wide variety of interrelated issues relevant not only to archaeologists but to educators, policy makers, advocacy groups, and Indigenous peoples.

Humans and the Environment

We study how humans responded to environmental change in the past and the implications for environmental policy.

Multivocal Histories

We promote respect for different cultures and preserve traditional knowledge, past and present.

Cultural and Scientific Literacy

As a social science with deep roots in STEM, archaeology helps students become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.


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