Dedicated. Passionate. Resilient.

Summer internships provide opportunities to build career pathways while working alongside professionals in the field.

Jonah Bullen

2024 Lab Intern

Jonah graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2023 and is interested in studying foodways and human-environment interactions using paleoethnobotanical methods alongside theoretical paradigms such as political ecology and the multi-species turn.

Annie Kane

2024 Education Intern

Annie studies anthropology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is passionate about Southwestern Archaeology, Museum Education, and Community Anthropology. She hopes to make anthropology accessible to all through science communication and interdisciplinary learning.

Delancey Griffin

2024 American Indian Initiatives Intern

Delancey is an undergraduate studying archaeology at Columbia University with a focus on Indigenous archaeology, repatriation, and community-based approaches.

Julia R. Frost

2024 Field Intern

Julia studies Anthropology and Art Engineering at Ohio State University and is interested in public education, experimental archaeology, and paleoethnobotany.

Chelsea Betts

2024 Zooarchaeology Intern

Chelsea studies anthropology at the University of Connecticut with a focus on zooarchaeology. Her research interests include the relationship between feasting and spirituality, and the use of faunal materials to create clothing.

Carly L. Rusch

2024 Field Intern

Carly is pursuing a M.A. in Culture Resource Management through Adams State University. She is interested in experimental archaeology, public archaeology/outreach as well as ceramic and lithic analysis. She hopes to research power relations through analyzing artifact assemblages.

Ivan Clow

2024 Lab Intern

Ivan studies at Hampshire College with a focus on Bioarcheology and Indigenous Studies.

Former Interns

Addy Zeigen

2019 American Indian Initiatives Intern

Addy is interested in Heritage Resource Management, Collaborative Archaeology, and community engagement and outreach.

Tyrien Fixico

2023 Field Intern

Tyrien is interested in drawing comparisons between modern and ancient Pueblo peoples to develop meaningful insight for contemporary communities.

Janelle Scarritt

2022 Archaeology Field Intern

Janelle studied anthropology at San Francisco State University and is collecting experience to apply towards a graduate degree and career in archaeology.

Jonathan Dombrosky

Environmental Archaeologist; 2021–2023 Postdoctoral Scholar; Research Associate; 2015 Field Intern

Jon is a zooarchaeologist broadly interested in human-environment interactions from the past to the present.

Meadow Coldon

2018 Field Intern

Meadow is interested in textile processing, communication, and illustrated representations of material culture.

Ahna Lee Feldstein

2023 Zooarchaeology Intern

Ahna Lee Feldstein (she/her/they/theirs) is pursuing a Master’s degree in Archaeology at Boston University with a focus on Zooarchaeology and paleoethnobotany.

Rebecca Morris

2016 Lab Intern

Rebecca studies the interplay between community conformity and individuality through household archaeology and ceramic analysis.

Emerson McDaniel (they/them/theirs)

American Indian Initiatives Intern

Emerson graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2021, and since then has been focusing on building a career at the intersection of archaeology, linguistics, and uplifting Indigenous voices.

R. J. (Reuven) Sinensky

Laboratory Manager; 2011 Archaeobotany Intern

Reuven’s (he/him) research explores the sophisticated foodways and rich culinary histories of farmers Indigenous to what is now the southwestern United States.

Summer Brown

2023 Field Intern

Summer studied Anthropology and Coastal Environmental Science at Flagler College. Rooted in a multidisciplinary approach, her research interests include ceramic technologies, Southwestern archaeology, human-environment interactions, landscape and identity, African diaspora, and cultural heritage at risk.

Elizabeth (Liz) M. Perry

President & CEO; 1995 Education Intern

Liz is the President and CEO of Crow Canyon. She joined the Board in 2016 and was hired as CEO in January 2018. Liz works closely with the Board to oversee finances, programming, and long-term strategic planning.

Katie Kemp

2022 Lab/Field Archaeology Intern

Katie is a graduate student at the University of Montana, Missoula in the Cultural Heritage master’s program. Her thesis research focuses on ground stone food processing activities of Pueblo II sites in Southwestern Colorado.

Genevieve Woodhead

2017 Lab Intern

Genevieve is an archaeology graduate student studying art, symbolic imagery, and representation in the Southwest.

Wes Bernardini

2001 Lister Fellow; 1994 Field Intern

Wes’s research focuses on how inferences of human behavior are based on estimates of the scale of that behavior, including specifying the number of people and the amount of labor involved in particular activities.

Liv Winnicki

2022 Field Intern

Liv is an archaeology graduate student at Binghamton University focusing her research at Chaco Canyon.

Rebecca Renteria

American Indian Initiatives (AII) Outreach Coordinator; 2023 AII Intern; 2022 Lab Intern

Rebecca (she/her) is a Ph.D. student in Arid Lands Resource Sciences at the University of Arizona with a focus on archaeology, K–12 culturally relevant curriculum development, school gardens, and community health.

Laura Brumbaugh

2018 Field Intern

Laura is interested in the material evidence of intercultural interaction and integration, as well as material and social inequality.

Jessica Weinmeister

2021 Public Archaeology Intern

Jessica studies the prehistory of the Four Corners Region with an emphasis in lithic analysis.

Kelsey Hanson

2016 Field Intern; 2021 Lister Fellow

Kelsey studies prehistoric uses of both natural and constructed landscapes and the multiscalar nature of social and ritual practice.

Amanda Dobrov

2019 Field Intern

Amanda is interested in household archaeology, ceramic analysis, artifact digitization, and community-based archaeology.

Esry Mora

2022 Dendrochronology Intern

Esry recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a focus in Anthropology, Library Information Sciences, and Dendrochronology.

Michelle Turner

2020–2021 Postdoctoral Scholar; 2013 Field Intern

Michelle is an archaeologist who studies the relationships between Chaco Canyon and its outliers through architecture, ceramics, and other material culture.

Catherine Elliot

2018 Lab Intern

Catherine is interested in digital archaeology, online archiving, and data curation.

Radek Palonka

Research Institute; 2005 Intern

Radoslaw (Radek) examines settlement structure and the socio-cultural changes around Sand Canyon Pueblo during the 13th Century.

Lilly Domenici

2022 Lab Intern

Lilly graduated from the University of New Mexico with a major in archaeology and minor in earth and planetary sciences. She is pursing a master’s in public archaeology at the University of New Mexico, with a focus on items of personal adornment within the southwest.

Katie Portman

2021 Dendrochronology Intern; 2018 Field Intern

Katie is interested in water management, community organization, and how contemporary people interact with the past.

Kate Hughes

Laboratory Analyst; 2006 Intern

Kate is interested lithic and textile technologies, Southwestern and Great Basin archaeology, and public archaeology.

Zion Palacios

2023 Field Intern

Zion was conferred baccalaureates in Anthropology and History with minor degrees in Archaeology, Forensic Science, and German from New Mexico State University. His interests are in museum anthropology and ritual prehistory in the American Southwest and Peruvian Andes.

Roy Palmer

2018 Education Intern

Roy is a graduate student in public history, focusing on Southeastern indigenous populations, and public archaeology pedagogy.

Colleen Strawhacker

Research Associate; 2003 Intern; 2006 Intern

Connor Ball

2022 Field Intern

Connor studies anthropology at the University of Colorado-Boulder with a focus on Southwest archaeology, lithic analysis, and community archaeology.

Stephen Uzzle

2023 Dendrochronology Intern

Stephen is a graduate student at the University of Arizona with a focus on applied archaeology and dendroarchaeology in the U.S. Southwest.

Bethany Wurster

2016 Lab Intern

Bethany is a graduate student at Utah State University interested in lithic tool organization, and lab and curatorial research.

Johnna Oliver

2022 Lab Intern

Johnna recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s in Sciences in Archaeology with a double minor. She is working on expanding her knowledge to apply to her future career in Cultural Resource Management.

Jeremy Grundvig

Mission Associate; 2021 Education Intern

Jeremy studied Classical Civilizations and Geographic Information Sciences at the University of Arizona and is interested in bridging Indigenous knowledge with spatial relationships between agriculture, trade, and architecture in the ancient Southwest.

Kyle Bocinsky

Research Associate; 2012 Field Intern

Kyle is a computational archaeologist interested in human-environment interactions in the past, present, and future.

Steve Wolverton

Research Associate; 1997 Intern; University of North Texas

Steve Wolverton is an ethnobiologist who specializes in environmental archaeology and animal ecology.

Sarah Oas

Research Associate; 2010 Intern

Sarah is a paleoethnobotanist interested in the relationships between foodways and processes of social transformation.

Ritchie Sahneyah

2022 American Indian Initiatives Intern

Ritchie is an undergraduate studying Anthropology at Pima Community College and is interested in studying Ethnoarchaeology focusing in the Southwest Region.

Christy Stewart

2017 Lab Intern

Christy is interested in ceramics, population movement, and Puebloan archaeology.

Kelsey Hoppes

2021 Public Archaeology Intern

Kelsey is a Ph.D. graduate student from the University of Colorado at Boulder pursuing collaborative archaeology, hybridizations of material culture, ceramic technologies, resettlement patterns, and trade networks on the Great Plains..

Rebecca Hammond

Educator and American Indian Outreach Manager; 1991 Lab Intern

Becky is an experienced educator, founding member of the Native American Advisory Group, and a talented beader.

Ella Crenshaw

2021 Public Archaeology Intern

Ella studies archaeology at the University of Oklahoma with a focus on public archaeology, outreach, and museum anthropology.

Scott Ortman

Research Associate; 1993 Field Intern

Scott works on the initial formation of Ancestral Pueblo society, its transformation into the Rio Grande pueblos, and the practical value of archaeological findings for society today.

Julia is an undergraduate studying Anthropology and History at Kansas State University. They are interested in corrugated pottery and its connection to identity, as well as queer archaeology in the Southwest.

Thea O’Hea

2019 Education Intern

Thea is an archaeology student at Boston University interested in the history of Puebloan ceramic artistry.

Emily Tarantini

2018 Lab Intern

Emily is interested in archaeological collections management, museum anthropology, and repatriation.

Jessica Petrie

2017 Field Intern

Anna is interested in Ancestral Puebloan archaeology, cultural resource management on public lands, and groundstone technologies.

Esmeralda Ferrales

2019 Field Intern

Esmeralda is an archaeologist interested in the archaeology of death, ritual, and religion within the Southwest.

Erina Gruner

Desert Archaeology, Inc.; 2010 Lab Intern

Sarah Amelia Foster

2019 Lab Intern

Sarah studies the preceramic and early agricultural periods of the northern Southwest region of the U.S.

Kelsey Reese

Research Associate; 2013 Field Intern

Kelsey is currently a Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame and a Research Associate at the Santa Fe Institute.

Sandra Zarzycka

2019 Field Intern

Sandra is interested in understanding human-environmental interactions within the American Southwest using geographical and geoarchaeological perspectives.

William Koehler

2023 Laboratory Intern

William (he/him/his) recently graduated from Beloit College with a B.A. in anthropology and classical civilization, with areas of study including public archaeology, bioarchaeology, and the archaeology of ritual and religion.

Sam Bomkamp

2018 Field Intern

Sam studies Southwest archaeology, museum studies, and prehistoric interactions between Paquimé and the American Southwest.

Clarice Speight McKee

2023 Laboratory Intern

Clarice studies archaeology at the University of Rochester, with a focus on the emergence of complex political structures, and the impact they have on cross-cultural contact.

Sarah Seaberg

2019 Field Intern

Sarah is a recently graduated anthropology student, interested in traditional ecological knowledge and human-environment interactions over time.

Mariana Lujan Sanders

2019 Lab Intern

Mariana studies indigenous cultural continuity and change in former Spanish colonies.

Nick Long

2023 Laboratory Intern

Nick (He/Him, They/Them) is a grad student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham obtaining a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Studies. Some research interests include Historic Archaeology, Collections Management, NAGPRA, and Community Archaeology.

Eric Gilmore

2022 Zooarchaeology intern

Eric is a graduate student at the University of North Texas with focuses in zooarchaeological research.

Allison Jordon

2016 Lab Intern

Allison is interested in lithic technologies, rock art, and prehistoric trade connections throughout the Southwest.

Catherine (Catt) Gagnon

2022 Education Intern

Catt is pursuing her Masters in Applied Anthropology at the University of Maryland College Park, with a focus on Historical Archaeology specifically researching Chamber Pots in the late 18th – mid 19th centuries.

Tara Beresh

2016 Lab Intern

Tara is a Technical Specialist at UNM’s Office of Contract Archaeology interested in perishable material culture and provenience analysis.

Andres Orozco

2021 Public Archaeology Intern

Andres received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Arizona with a focus on the archaeology of the prehispanic Southwest.