Recent Projects

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Maize Database Project

Current Project


The Research Institute at Crow Canyon and the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office built the first-ever comprehensive, publicly-accessible database of curated Ancestral Pueblo maize.

Modernizes Crow Canyon Archaeological Center’s research database to enable diverse forms of access for researchers, descendent communities, and the broader public.

Synthesizing Knowledge of Past Environments

Current Project


An NSF-funded effort to bring paleoenvironmental data to researchers and the public through an intuitive, map-based user interface, and also to improve the capacity of researchers to do reproducible paleoenvironmental research.

The Pueblo Farming Project

Current Project


A collaboration between Crow Canyon and the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office to understand ancient maize (corn) agriculture in the Mesa Verde region through documenting traditional ecological knowledge, experimental gardens, and genetic analysis.

The Northern Chaco Outliers Project

Current Project


An examination of the Haynie site, a multi-component Ancestral Pueblo village with two Pueblo II period (A.D. 950–1150) great houses located northeast of Cortez, Colorado.