Postdoctoral Scholars

Dedicated. Passionate. Resilient.

The Crow Canyon Postdoctoral Scholars program supports archaeological career paths, amplifies Crow Canyon’s ongoing research, and serves the field of archaeology.

Katie Williams

2024 Postdoctoral Scholar

Katie is a postdoctoral geospatial scholar for the Research Institute at Crow Canyon and is very excited to apply her knowledge of geospatial information systems to a variety of archaeological research questions.

Jonathan Dombrosky

Environmental Archaeologist; 2021–2023 Postdoctoral Scholar; Research Associate; 2015 Field Intern

Jon is a zooarchaeologist broadly interested in human-environment interactions from the past to the present.

Michelle Turner

2020–2021 Postdoctoral Scholar; 2013 Field Intern

Michelle is an archaeologist who studies the relationships between Chaco Canyon and its outliers through architecture, ceramics, and other material culture.