Cultural Explorations: American Southwest Cultural Travel Programs

A unique way to experience the ancestral landscapes of Native people.


For 40 years, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center has been helping travelers explore the unique and diverse cultures of the American Southwest through eye-opening experiences among the region’s vast ancestral landscapes. Located just behind Mesa Verde, Crow Canyon is centrally located to an incredible array of ancestral places and cultural centers near the Four Corners area and beyond, from Chaco and Glen Canyons to Bears Ears and Dinosaur National Monuments, and many more.

Our small-group cultural travel programs are designed to provide the inquisitive traveler new perspectives and ways of understanding the American Southwest’s cultural past and present through a distinctive blend of cultural, traditional, and scientific knowledge.

Together we traverse these magnificent cultural landscapes alongside local Native American tribal members, specialists, advisors and subject-matter experts whose multicultural voices and stories help us think more deeply about ancestral places and their relationships to the landscape. Insights from Crow Canyon’s 40 years of archaeological research throughout the American Southwest add to thoughtful, dynamic discussions.

“Crow Canyon provides people with that hands-on, intimate knowledge about what these places represent, not just from an academic standpoint, but also by bringing along Native Scholars, you’re able to get that one-on-one dialog about what these mean to modern-day descendant communities out there.”

Lyle Balenquah
Hopi Scholar

Lyle Balenquah (Hopi) talks about the perspectives that tribal members share on Crow Canyon Cultural Explorations travel programs.

Visit with Respect

Fun Facts

    • Open to anyone who is curious and wants to gain a deeper understanding about American Southwest Native cultures, history, and landscapes, as well as learn about the future directions of the archaeological discipline
    • Native perspectives include Pueblo, Hopi, Tewa, Ute, Diné (Navajo), Apache, and more
    • Enjoy limited group sizes that allow for a lighter impact on the landscape as well as greater dialogue with scholars and fellow participants
    • Traverse sacred landscapes with privileged access to ancestral places
    • Regions visited may include Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona
    • Programs often average 7 days
    • Level of physical activity varies by program ranging from front country museums and villages to backcountry experiences where you are immersed in the landscape.
    • Tuition for most programs includes lodging, meals, transportation between sites and airport
    • Most gratuities are included in your program tuition. There may be some instances where gratuities for outfitters or service providers are appreciated. You may always offer an additional gratuity if you feel the experience was exceptional. While Crow Canyon staff do not expect gratuities, we are most appreciative of your efforts to support our work. Learn more about supporting Crow Canyon’s mission by clicking here.

Program funding

Crow Canyon is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, and contributions from supporters help fund our educational and research programs. Program tuitions cover only a portion of the cost to operate the Cultural Explorations travel programs. Your generosity supports our collaborative projects with Native American partners and the delivery of quality educational programming.

Cancellation Policy & Terms and Conditions

    • $1000.00 deposit required upon registration
    • Deposit is fully refundable until 60 days prior to the program date
    • Full payment due 60 days prior to the program start date
    • If cancellation notice is received between 60 days and the program start date, 50% of the tuition will be retained
    • If cancellation notice is received between 30 days and the program start date, 100% of the tuition will be retained


The Pueblo World

Originates in Albuquerque, NM

Step into the Pueblo world and discover the depth and diversity of Pueblo communities in the Rio Grande Valley. Accompanied by extraordinary Pueblo...
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Starting at: $4,400

SOLD OUT Glen Canyon Rising

Page, AZ

Climate change is significantly impacting Reservoir Powell, allowing Glen Canyon to rise again from the depths of impounded waters—a story of human...
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Starting at: $6,800

Experience an unforgettable journey into Bears Ears National Monument. During this five day-four night hiking and camping excursion, immerse yourself...
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Starting at: $4,800

Visit with respect as we travel deep into desert environments that depict the history of ancient cultures surrounding the Green River and Nine Mile...
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Starting at: $4,600

SOLD OUT Movement & Memory

Cortez, CO

Crow Canyon’s beautiful 170-acre campus is your base on an exploration to places that are sacred, special, and seldom seen while discussing aspects...
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Starting at: $4,000

SOLD OUT The Salado Phenomenon

Flagstaff, AZ

The Salado flourished from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries from the Mogollon Rim to the Tonto and Tucson Basins. Here, the Salado...
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Starting at: $5,000

"They are all unique opportunities to visit a place and discover the human history with knowledgeable scholars and fellow travelers who share an interest in learning about the past."



David Boyle

Program Manager

David is a program manager and a believer in the power of place and story.

Adam Kackstetter

Program Manager

Adam loves the natural world and enjoys learning, growing, breathing, and spending time with people.

Tayler Hasbrouck

Community Outreach Manager

Tayler helps people forge bonds with diverse peoples through travel and experiential education.

Kate Thompson

Program Manager

Kate is an adventure-travel coordinator and guide, with a passion for river corridors and backcountry wilderness.


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