"Plant Use by Native Peoples of the American Southwest: Ethnographic Documentation,"
by Katharine D. Rainey and Karen R. Adams

Definitions of Column Heads: Compendium A

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Ethnic Group: Tribe, other ethnic group, community, or area for which the stated use is documented. Except for "grouped" designations (for example, Pueblo groups, Arizona groups), the names in this column are those used in the cited ethnographies.
Genus: Genus name as reported in the cited ethnography.
Species: Species epithet as reported in the cited ethnography.
Species Authority: Authority for the genus/species as reported in the cited ethnography.
Variety or Subspecies: Variety or subspecies name as reported in the cited ethnography.
Variety or Subspecies Authority: Authority for the variety or subspecies name as reported in the cited ethnography or as added by the compilers of the compendium.
Common Name: Common name for the genus/species, either from the ethnographic literature or from A Utah Flora (Welsh et al. 1987*1).
Plant Part: Part of the plant used.
Use Category: General use category: food, fuel, construction, medicine, ritual, other, or blank (if no use described in the ethnography).
Ethnographic Description: Paraphrased or quoted description from the cited ethnography; may include notes on cultivation, description of harvesting/collecting techniques, and descriptions of processing and preparation methods, in addition to descriptions of plant use.
Harvest, Storage, and Seasonality Information: Description of when the plant part is/was available, harvested/collected, or used; description of plant stage when harvested/collected/used; comments on storage; etc. Because the information reported in this column is taken from the ethnographies, the type and quality of the information varies widely.
Reference: Last name of the ethnographer.
Date: Manuscript date or date of publication of the ethnography.
Page: Page number in the published ethnography on which the description was found.
Taxonomic Notes: Notes by the compendium compilers relating to misspellings, modern names of plants discussed in older ethnographies, plants listed or recognized by groups but with no uses described, etc.

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