Site-Wide Dating

Date Range 1 (A.D. 1256–1285)
This is the only component at Castle Rock Pueblo. Available tree-ring dates indicate that the earliest construction at the site occurred in A.D. 1256. A.D. 1274vv is the latest tree-ring date; the occupation of the village is believed to have ended by about 1285 on the basis of the following series of events that is inferred to have occurred in Structure 304 (the kiva from which the sample that dated to 1274 was collected, and which is thought to have been the last of the dated structures to have been built). Sometime after A.D. 1274, Structure 304 was built and used, the floor was later replastered at least once, the structure fell into disuse and was ritually (?) closed by burning a portion of the roof; refuse was then deposited into the collapsing roof for an unknown length of time. As a result of an enemy attack that resulted in the deaths of many of the villagers, disarticulated human remains were deposited on top of the refuse and collapsed roofing material. A.D.1285 seems to be a reasonable estimate for when the attack occurred and the occupation of the village ended.