Cynthia Fadem

Research Associate; Earlham College

Cynthia M. Fadem (Ph.D. Washington University St Louis, 2009) is an Associate Professor of Geology at Earlham College. Cynthia serves as a geological consultant to Crow Canyon. Her work includes documenting soils for the Center’s current research projects.

Cynthia is a geoarchaeologist with experience throughout the US as well as on projects in Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Tanzania. Her expertise lies primarily in utilizing pedology and soil chemistry to reconstruct paleoenvironmental and burial conditions, but often works with archaeologists to characterize raw materials. She has extensive training in lithic assemblage analysis and geologic mapping, as well as geochemical analysis and interpretation. Since 2013 she has been a part of the Pueblo Farming and Basketmaker Communities Projects, studying site geomorphology, interpreting recent and archaeological changes in farmed soils, and investigating local geologic resources.