Crow Canyon Digital Archaeology Tools and Access

Current Project


The Crow Canyon Digital Archaeology Tools and Access (CC-DATA) project will modernize Crow Canyon Archaeological Center’s research database to enable diverse forms of access for researchers, descendent communities, and the broader public. The project focuses on integrating legacy archaeological datasets recorded over the last 33 years with born-digital data such as drone maps, 3D laser scans, and digital photographs. This modern database will be deeply geospatial, and will enable connections to external collections databases.

Building upon such a database, the CC-DATA project will develop digital humanities products such as richly-interactive data exploration tools and multivocal archaeology portals that blend Western and Indigenous perspectives about the past. Crow Canyon has been a leader in completing archaeological research with the assistance of the public—this effort will invite the public to join in the co-creation of archaeological knowledge that is interdisciplinary, multicultural, and relevant in the 21st century.

Project Details