Modern Food


Pueblo Indians in the twenty-first century still grow corn, beans, and squash. In addition to being part of the regular diet, these foods are also used in ceremonies. Corn is especially important in Pueblo spiritual life and ceremonies.

Roasted corn.


Ears of corn are roasted after the fall harvest.

Piki bread.


At Hopi, Pueblo people make piki (pronounced PEE-kee) bread out of blue corn. Piki bread is made of very finely ground cornmeal mixed with ash and water. The thin batter is spread on a hot stone, and the resulting bread is paper thin and crispy. This photo shows rolls of piki bread.

Chile peppers strung in bundles and hanging from rafters with corn.


Another favorite Pueblo food today is chile peppers. The peppers are dried, strung, and then used to spice up other foods.

Pueblo people still hunt deer and rabbits. But most of their meat now comes from domesticated animals, such as chickens and cows. They buy most of their meat rather than raise it.


In addition to growing many of their own foods, Pueblo people today also eat in restaurants and shop in grocery stores.

Hamburger, fries, and milkshake.Groceries.