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Paleoindian period.

13,000 (or earlier) to 6000 B.C.

Big-game hunters first enter North America during the Ice Age.

Archaic period.

6000 to 500 B.C.

Hunter-gatherers adjust to a warmer climate after the Ice Age.


Basketmaker period.

500 B.C. to A.D. 750

Pueblo culture begins when people become farmers.

Pueblo I period.

Pueblo I
A.D. 750 to 900

Pueblo Indian village life begins.


Pueblo II period.

Pueblo II
A.D. 900 to 1150

Pueblo trade flourishes.

Pueblo III period.

Pueblo III
A.D. 1150 to 1300

Pueblo people migrate from the Mesa Verde region late in this period.


Post-Migration period.

A.D. 1300 to 1950

Pueblo people in Arizona and New Mexico face challenges from outside cultures.

Modern period.

Modern Pueblo
A.D. 1950 to Today

Pueblo culture still thrives today!