Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.

Modern Pueblo: A.D. 1950 to today

Today more than 60,000 Pueblo Indians live in 32 pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona and one pueblo in Texas. Pueblo people are farmers, teachers, students, artists, business people, and civic leaders. They contribute their skills and knowledge to their own communities and to all of American society.

Young Pueblo dancers in traditional costume (left) and Pueblo woman talking on cell phone (right).

Pueblo people today keep their traditons alive but also lead a
modern lifestyle.


Pueblo people have kept their own languages, customs, and forms of government. At the same time, they engage in a modern lifestyle.


What languages do Pueblo people speak today?

Pueblo man visiting an ancient Pueblo archaeological site in the Mesa Verde region.

A Pueblo man visiting an ancient Pueblo site in the
Mesa Verde region.


A very important part of Pueblo peoples' cultural identity is their strong spiritual connection to the Mesa Verde region.

Some travel back to the region for religious purposes and to visit their ancestors, who they believe still dwell in the ancient sites.

It is important for archaeologists and other people who study or visit archaeological sites to respect Pueblo peoples' special connection to these sacred places.

Click here to see a short video (9½ minutes) about how Pueblo Indians today feel about archaeological sites.