Field Data. This section of the database provides information about the contexts (proveniences) excavated at each site and basic architectural information for structural study units. Detailed descriptions of masonry and features are also available here. All data are displayed in tabular form.

Select from the following search types:

Provenience Data
Provides a list of contexts excavated at a site. Searches may include all contexts at the site or be limited to a particular study unit.
Provides basic architectural information about structural study units, including dimensions and construction details.
Provides a variety of measurements and observations about masonry in rooms, kivas, and towers. Walls located in extramural areas and masonry that is part of feature construction are also described here.
Provides a variety of measurements and observations for over 30 types of features, including ashpits, hearths, kiva benches, doorways, niches, pilasters, and ventilation systems.