Site 5MT1825, Arbitrary Unit 1-A and Structure 111, Stratigraphic Profile - Map Number: 136

Maps. A variety of digital maps are available in this section of the database. These include maps that show the

  • whole site in plan view
  • topography of the site
  • excavated areas of the site
  • sampling strategy employed at the site
  • cultural units excavated at the site
  • architecture
  • features
  • artifact distributions on surfaces
  • stratigraphy

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Information provided with each map includes title, provenience, map type and view, and comments. Maps may be resized for easy viewing.

Only a relatively small percentage of the total number of maps generated in the field during the excavation of a site are selected for digital presentation in the database. However, complete collections of all original field maps, including those not selected for digital presentation, are permanently archived at the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado.

IMPORTANT: The maps in the research database may be reproduced for scholarly or educational purposes without written permission, provided that the use falls within the bounds of fair use and proper credit is given to the source. See How to Cite the Database for the correct bibliographic format. A credit line acknowledging the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (for example, "Courtesy Crow Canyon Archaeological Center") must be provided for each individual use of a map. If images of higher resolution than is possible to obtain on-line are required, publication-quality copies of individual maps may be obtained, for a fee, by formal written request. Address all inquiries to the managing editor.