Photograph Search Types

The following search types are available for viewing photographs.

Site Overviews
Use this option to select photographs which show the entire site, such as an aerial view, or a portion of the site (partial site view). You may refine your search by choosing a specific numbered area of the site (for example, Block 400).
Specific Study Unit
Use this option to view all photographs of a specific study unit (for example, Structure 105). Select only ONE site at a time when using this option. Note: If more than one site is selected, you cannot choose a single study unit.
Study Unit Type
Use this option to select images of a specific type of study unit, for example, structures. You may select multiple study unit types.
Use this option to select images of features (for example, hearths). You may select multiple feature types (for example, hearths and ashpits).
Pottery Vessels
Use this option to select images of whole and partial pottery vessels, including photographs of vessels taken in their original field contexts and in the laboratory.
Use this option to select images of artifacts. Artifacts include pottery sherds, stone and bone tools, and perishable items such as basketry and cordage.
Search by Description
Use this option when you want to select images using search terms other than those provided in the searches listed above. This search allows you to type in your own search terms and is best used when you are looking for specific artifact types (for example, tree-ring samples or basketry).